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PHP-Nuke Platinum Site Updates: We just updated with tonights Ruffle build!
Posted by KarlChilders Wed Mar 08, 2023 2:56 am

Ruffle Web

For integrating Ruffle onto your PHP-Platinum website:

  • Download the latest Ruffle nightly build for web.
  • Put these files in your includes/ruffle-core directory on your PHP-Nuke Platinum website.

Alternatively, Ruffle is packaged with npm every release and can be included through one of the official CDN releases, such as unpkg.

You can also use a version-aliased file from jsDelivr, but only unpkg can automatically update without caching concerns.

You may then use Ruffle as a polyfill for legacy Flash embeds or use the Ruffle JavaScript API directly.


Ruffle will automatically replace any old-style Flash embeds on websites with Ruffle elements. This is ideal for someone looking to preserve a legacy website with a minimum amount of work. All you need to do is include the following script tag on the desired webpage:

    echo "<!-- Loadiing includes/ruffle-core/ruffle.js from header.php -->";
    echo '<script src="includes/ruffle-core/ruffle.js"></script>'."";
    echo '
    window.RufflePlayer = window.RufflePlayer || {};
    window.RufflePlayer.config = {
    "publicPath": undefined,
    "polyfills": true,
    "autoplay": "on",
    "unmuteOverlay": "hidden",
    "backgroundColor": null,
    "wmode": "window",
    "letterbox": "fullscreen",
    "warnOnUnsupportedContent": true,
    "contextMenu": true,
    "showSwfDownload": false,
    "upgradeToHttps": window.location.protocol === "https:",
    "maxExecutionDuration": {"secs": 15, "nanos": 0},
    "logLevel": "error",
    "base": null,
    "menu": true,
    "salign": "",
    "scale": "showAll",
    "forceScale": false,
    "quality": "high",
    "splashScreen": false,

If you'd prefer to use the automatically updating CDN release, you can include the following script tag instead:

<script src=""></script>

If you embed SWF content using JavaScript libraries such as SWFObject, then this tag should be placed as the first script tag in the <head>, so Ruffle will be able to install its plugin spoof in time. In any other case, it's good practice to add the script before the closing </body> tag.

Any Flash embed on the page should now be replaced with Ruffle. If Ruffle fails to load, you may need to specify the publicPath setting: please see the Configuration Options

Enjoy your PHP-Nuke Platinum my friends,,,


Karl Childers

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Karl Childers
  email: Administrator[at]

( Reads : 261 )
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We just updated with tonights Ruffle build!

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