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Date: Tue Mar 07, 2023 11:01 pm
Topic: Open-Source

We have adopted the PHP-Nuke Titanium framework by Ernest Allen Buffington (TheGhost) which consists of a little bit from all the Nuke Communities and it will be nice to benefit from the work of hundreds of people who all were wanting to keep the PHP-Nuke Legacy alive at one point in time or another.

We now have a framework that was originally PHP-Nuke and then Technocrat (an unknown individual) soon went and put his twist on the framework which seemed to be leaps and bounds ahead of Francis, No offense Frank but Technocrat was amazing and very well versed in all versions PHP at his place in time. Technocrat called his new CMS Nuke Evo, short for Nuke-Evolution. When Technocrat felt he was done, and his project was complete he moved on to other things, which we are not sure about. Who does not want to be a part of Internet history? I mean who knew that Nuke would be around for decades to come or how important it might be to folks explaining internet history to anyone in the future?

Time passed on and Lonestar (Shaun) and CoRpSE (an unknown individual) seemed to have some new ideas of their own and decided to Fork Off so to speak "off of" the original Nuke Evo or Evolution Basic and they created Nuke Evo Xtreme or Nuke-Evolution Xtreme as it were. We are not positively sure who started the 1st version of Evo Xtreme as history was of no importance to the folks who created such magnificent things in that particular day and age. Everyone wanted their own Fork of Nuke and wanted to be better than everyone else. I think the obvious was not apparent to them at their moments in time when they could have just worked with others in the community to build better, they could have built one of the largest and strongest communities in the world. As it were the Limelight was on them and I guess with gaming and school, medical issues, etc their project seemed to lose momentum. Lonestar and CoRpSE did amazing things and are some pretty amazing people in the eyes of most of us in the Nuke community. Lonestar is currently working on the release of Nuke-Evo Xtreme v2.0.10 and from what we understand it will work with PHP 8. It takes a lot of coding and time to edit thousands of files and keep them all updated to today's standards. I would say that it takes about 6 to 10 hours a day every day from one person just to keep up with the syntax and coding standards of today. If one can fall back on a quote from Ernest Allen Buffington (TheGhost), "It takes a Village or a Savant". I always wondered what he meant until I sat and watched him code for about an hour before I started losing my mind just watching. Ernest would tell me that he learned everything he knows because it was never about him, it was about the Nuke communities and the people that loved PHP-Nuke, they are the ones that he learned the most from. Ernest watched all of the greats and inspected their code and spent every moment learning why each line of code did what it was doing while labeling in his mind the importance of each line of code. He was not trying to be better than anyone and only wanted to write each line of code the best way possible.

Everyone who has taken part in Nuke history should be mentioned by name and nick. For instance, Bob Marion was also one of the biggest contributors to the nuke community and we have noticed the spotlight should have been shined on him often but wasn't. He also led the way for nuke developers and took great pride in his code. We love Bob and think he is great! Bob loved to code and would spend many hours and days writing code in hopes that one-day folks would carry on his legacy by updating, sharing, and improving his code. Bob loved everyone in the nuke communities and loved to help others out any time he could. We should all be like Bob. He never insulted or belittled other coders, he only helped the best way that he could. 

Ernest Allen Buffington often had many nicks and would explore all of the nuke communities and helped out others all the time. His hobby was exploring code written by who he called the greats. He just wanted to learn and one day become one of the greats. His 1st real programming job was working for ESO SOFTWARE which is where he made his 1st million dollars. He has had many programming contracts and made a lot of money as a FREELANCE programmer. Oddly enough in real life, his friends call him Ghost and it was a childhood nickname that he acquired from one of his best friends Anthony Mazzola (ToneLuke). He has come far and has been programming since the 8086 computers were a thing. His 1st modem I think he said was a 1200-baud modem and he said he ran his first BBS on a Tandy 80286 computer from Radio Shack. His BBS was called Borderline Lunacy and was quite a hit in the dial-up world. Oh, he also wrote his own dial-up BBS software which was a Fork of WWIV software written in Pascal. He was telling me how he missed the dial-up world as the new internet world came into focus. He fondly remembered one of his friends Rob Hopek (BurningChrome) who was also into re-writing the WWIV software to make it more aesthetically appealing. 

Moving on to RavenNuke another amazing CMS that evolved from a Nuke Fork. I can't say enough nice things about Raven and obviously, a big portion of the code in our framework and all the nuke frameworks came from or in some way was from Raven and many of the folks in the Raven communities. His site has 23,651 subscribed users. Our hat is off to you Raven and we all would like to thank you for your contributions to our framework and many others. We would not have made it into the CodersExchange hall of fame without you.

We will have to make some serious changes to a few modules as the years have passed us by, but we are ready to give it another go!

I know I left some people out and I am sure I will mention them in future posts.

If you have at any time made contributions to the nuke communities drop me a few lines and I will write about it here on the PHP-Nuke Platinum CodersExchange!


Karl Childers

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