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The US version of PHP-Nuke Platinum CMS is an open-source highly modified Fork of Nuke-Evolution written in PHP as a programming language and development was first started in 2005. The software comes with a set of basic and advanced features like a WYSIWYG editor, an admin interface with drag and drop blocks, spam protection, and image processing. PHP-Nuke Platinum CMS also comes with the ability to use various modules that will extend the current functionality of your portal/website. The latest version available for download is 4.0.0b and is still in Beta.

PHP-Nuke Platinum now comes with v5 of the Titanium Facebook SDK kit. It's already set up. All you have to do is add your app ID and secret. You can disable Facebook anytime if you like, by default it is disabled until you add your app ID and secret...

If you need help, we would be glad to set it up for FREE. We normally setup your FREE portal and install and configure PHP-Nuke Platinum for you at the same time. All you have to do, is send a private message to TheGhost asking for a portal setup.

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phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 - Mod: XData v1.0.3
Started by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 0 Replies
Mar 12th 2023 1:37 pm
by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 - Mod: Admin User Notes v1.0.0
Started by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 0 Replies
Mar 12th 2023 1:35 pm
by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 - Mod: Users Reputations Systems v1.0.0
Started by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 0 Replies
Mar 12th 2023 1:33 pm
by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 - Mod: Birthdays v3.0.0
Started by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 0 Replies
Mar 12th 2023 1:32 pm
by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 - Mod: Gender v1.2.6
Started by TheGhost
phpBB Titanium v2.0.25 0 Replies
Mar 12th 2023 1:31 pm
by TheGhost
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PHP-Nuke Today
Posted by TheGhost Sun Mar 12, 2023 11:49 pm

We are in the process of making PHP-Nuke Platinum fully compatible with all themes and modules of PHP-Nuke and any PHP-Nuke Fork.

The 86it Developers Network has one goal in common and quite frankly this is how it should have been from the beginning. All things Nuke means that if you write a module for PHP-Nuke Titanium, PHP-Nuke Platinum, or the US version of PHP-Nuke Evolution Xtreme they will all be compatible with one another.

The 86it Developers Network will work with anyone writing a new CMS or would like to convert a CMS so that it meets the Nuke network's global standards.

We have no intention of ever removing compatibility for old modules or themes. The only time something will be removed is when it is no longer capable of working with the current PHP versions that are used in our Developer Network. We do not believe in taking things away from the good folks in the developer world and we will keep things updated and available on the network at all times. In the event that you have a theme or module that was written that seems to be having a compatibility issue, just let us know, and we will help re-write and modify it so that it works with all versions of PHP-Nuke.

A new copyright system has been put in place for all themes and modules and it is very easy to use. All you do is edit the module or theme copyright.php file and hit save or with new themes, you would upload your new copyright file to the themes root folder. If it is a module the same applies, you will edit or put the new copyright file in the root of the new module directory.

PHP-Nuke itself was the very first CMS to ever be created in the internet world and it is here to stay forever. There is not a whole lot of acknowledgment in the online world because, well people have not been educated in this area of internet history. The Francis Framework was intended for Internet Desktop Applications, not mobile phones or tablets. This is no longer the case in 2023 as all of the PHP-Nuke systems have been updated so that any website running PHP-Nuke or any PHP-Nuke fork easily identifies what type of device is being used when a person logs on to a website built with PHP-Nuke or any fork of PHP-Nuke. The only time that tables are an acceptable form of design is when you're creating an Internet Desktop Application. This is because desktop applications use in most cases a locked-width dynamic design system, and the only time they do not, is if a developer or programmer is so lazy that they take the easy way out and design their website solely for mobile, TV, or tablet access. By doing that they are taking a shortcut so that they do not have to write as much code and even the large corporations take this shortcut to keep from having to write a website that adheres to device-type cosmetics specifically. 

 What makes PHP-Nuke and all PHP-Nuke Forks the best?

PHP-Nuke allows you to use PROCEDURAL code and OOP code. It is able to use any Symfony library, meaning the 50 most popular libraries in the world used to develop online mobile and desktop web applications all work with PHP-Nuke. Symfony was not the 1st standard but it is now the standard foundation on which all of the best PHP applications are built. The reason that this is awesome is that you can speed up the creation and maintenance of your PHP-Nuke website application. End repetitive coding tasks and enjoy the power of having the choices needed to control your project and code.

Here is a list of the Symfony components that can be used in PHP-Nuke:

The technical requirements for PHP-Nuke:

Before running your PHP-Nuke site or creating your first PHP-Nuke module you must:

Instead of using the entire Symfony framework, we use its vendor libraries only. We do this because our framework supports more than just Bootstrap and quite frankly we are not interested in having anything to do with a framework that makes you adhere to their strict setup rules and developer guidelines as this puts a damper on your programming and design capabilities.

PHP-Nuke comes with Rector built in which will allow you to refactor old legacy code when creating modules or even themes. Rector is a PHP tool that you can run to get an instant upgrade or automated refactoring. It helps with the PHP-Nuke module and theme upgrades, it improves your code quality. Also, it helps with type-coverage and getting to the latest PHPStan level.

If you see something somewhere that you like, make no mistake it can be ported into a module. The PHP-Nuke module system is designed for that reason specifically, any application can be setup and run as a module allowing the dynamic module and theme system to do its magic. 

The majority of people that used PHP-Nuke liked to take advantage of the dynamic theme system designed by Francisco Burzi (Frank) intended to be used for Internet Desktop Applications.

Now people will like using PHP-Nuke because it has the best of both worlds and also has the ability to use the CSS Grid Layout Module alongside the Francis Framework which was designed solely for Internet Desktop Applications. The CSS Grid Module originally was intended for mobile, TV, and tablet website access allowing it to resize to fit all of our smaller less expensive devices. It offers a grid-based layout system, with rows and columns, making it easier to design web pages without having to use floats and positioning, which is used by the Francis Framework. It took a little while but the CSS Grid Module properties are now currently supported by all modern browsers. In short, the Francis Framework was designed to size up and the CSS Grid Layout Module was created to size down.



Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]

( Likes & comments? ) ( Open-Source | PHP-Nuke Platinum Daily Blog | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 300 )
We just updated with tonights Ruffle build!
Posted by KarlChilders Wed Mar 08, 2023 2:56 am

Ruffle Web

For integrating Ruffle onto your PHP-Platinum website:

  • Download the latest Ruffle nightly build for web.
  • Put these files in your includes/ruffle-core directory on your PHP-Nuke Platinum website.

Alternatively, Ruffle is packaged with npm every release and can be included through one of the official CDN releases, such as unpkg.

You can also use a version-aliased file from jsDelivr, but only unpkg can automatically update without caching concerns.

You may then use Ruffle as a polyfill for legacy Flash embeds or use the Ruffle JavaScript API directly.


Ruffle will automatically replace any old-style Flash embeds on websites with Ruffle elements. This is ideal for someone looking to preserve a legacy website with a minimum amount of work. All you need to do is include the following script tag on the desired webpage:

    echo "<!-- Loadiing includes/ruffle-core/ruffle.js from header.php -->";
    echo '<script src="includes/ruffle-core/ruffle.js"></script>'."";
    echo '
    window.RufflePlayer = window.RufflePlayer || {};
    window.RufflePlayer.config = {
    "publicPath": undefined,
    "polyfills": true,
    "autoplay": "on",
    "unmuteOverlay": "hidden",
    "backgroundColor": null,
    "wmode": "window",
    "letterbox": "fullscreen",
    "warnOnUnsupportedContent": true,
    "contextMenu": true,
    "showSwfDownload": false,
    "upgradeToHttps": window.location.protocol === "https:",
    "maxExecutionDuration": {"secs": 15, "nanos": 0},
    "logLevel": "error",
    "base": null,
    "menu": true,
    "salign": "",
    "scale": "showAll",
    "forceScale": false,
    "quality": "high",
    "splashScreen": false,

If you'd prefer to use the automatically updating CDN release, you can include the following script tag instead:

<script src=""></script>

If you embed SWF content using JavaScript libraries such as SWFObject, then this tag should be placed as the first script tag in the <head>, so Ruffle will be able to install its plugin spoof in time. In any other case, it's good practice to add the script before the closing </body> tag.

Any Flash embed on the page should now be replaced with Ruffle. If Ruffle fails to load, you may need to specify the publicPath setting: please see the Configuration Options

Enjoy your PHP-Nuke Platinum my friends,,,


Karl Childers

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Karl Childers
  email: Administrator[at]

( Likes & comments? ) ( Open-Source | PHP-Nuke Platinum Site Updates | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 348 )
PHP-Nuke Platinum Update
Posted by KarlChilders Tue Mar 07, 2023 11:01 pm

We have adopted the PHP-Nuke Titanium framework by Ernest Allen Buffington (TheGhost) which consists of a little bit from all the Nuke Communities and it will be nice to benefit from the work of hundreds of people who all were wanting to keep the PHP-Nuke Legacy alive at one point in time or another.

We now have a framework that was originally PHP-Nuke and then Technocrat (an unknown individual) soon went and put his twist on the framework which seemed to be leaps and bounds ahead of Francis, No offense Frank but Technocrat was amazing and very well versed in all versions PHP at his place in time. Technocrat called his new CMS Nuke Evo, short for Nuke-Evolution. When Technocrat felt he was done, and his project was complete he moved on to other things, which we are not sure about. Who does not want to be a part of Internet history? I mean who knew that Nuke would be around for decades to come or how important it might be to folks explaining internet history to anyone in the future?

Time passed on and Lonestar (Shaun) and CoRpSE (an unknown individual) seemed to have some new ideas of their own and decided to Fork Off so to speak "off of" the original Nuke Evo or Evolution Basic and they created Nuke Evo Xtreme or Nuke-Evolution Xtreme as it were. We are not positively sure who started the 1st version of Evo Xtreme as history was of no importance to the folks who created such magnificent things in that particular day and age. Everyone wanted their own Fork of Nuke and wanted to be better than everyone else. I think the obvious was not apparent to them at their moments in time when they could have just worked with others in the community to build better, they could have built one of the largest and strongest communities in the world. As it were the Limelight was on them and I guess with gaming and school, medical issues, etc their project seemed to lose momentum. Lonestar and CoRpSE did amazing things and are some pretty amazing people in the eyes of most of us in the Nuke community. Lonestar is currently working on the release of Nuke-Evo Xtreme v2.0.10 and from what we understand it will work with PHP 8. It takes a lot of coding and time to edit thousands of files and keep them all updated to today's standards. I would say that it takes about 6 to 10 hours a day every day from one person just to keep up with the syntax and coding standards of today. If one can fall back on a quote from Ernest Allen Buffington (TheGhost), "It takes a Village or a Savant". I always wondered what he meant until I sat and watched him code for about an hour before I started losing my mind just watching. Ernest would tell me that he learned everything he knows because it was never about him, it was about the Nuke communities and the people that loved PHP-Nuke, they are the ones that he learned the most from. Ernest watched all of the greats and inspected their code and spent every moment learning why each line of code did what it was doing while labeling in his mind the importance of each line of code. He was not trying to be better than anyone and only wanted to write each line of code the best way possible.

Everyone who has taken part in Nuke history should be mentioned by name and nick. For instance, Bob Marion was also one of the biggest contributors to the nuke community and we have noticed the spotlight should have been shined on him often but wasn't. He also led the way for nuke developers and took great pride in his code. We love Bob and think he is great! Bob loved to code and would spend many hours and days writing code in hopes that one-day folks would carry on his legacy by updating, sharing, and improving his code. Bob loved everyone in the nuke communities and loved to help others out any time he could. We should all be like Bob. He never insulted or belittled other coders, he only helped the best way that he could. 

Ernest Allen Buffington often had many nicks and would explore all of the nuke communities and helped out others all the time. His hobby was exploring code written by who he called the greats. He just wanted to learn and one day become one of the greats. His 1st real programming job was working for ESO SOFTWARE which is where he made his 1st million dollars. He has had many programming contracts and made a lot of money as a FREELANCE programmer. Oddly enough in real life, his friends call him Ghost and it was a childhood nickname that he acquired from one of his best friends Anthony Mazzola (ToneLuke). He has come far and has been programming since the 8086 computers were a thing. His 1st modem I think he said was a 1200-baud modem and he said he ran his first BBS on a Tandy 80286 computer from Radio Shack. His BBS was called Borderline Lunacy and was quite a hit in the dial-up world. Oh, he also wrote his own dial-up BBS software which was a Fork of WWIV software written in Pascal. He was telling me how he missed the dial-up world as the new internet world came into focus. He fondly remembered one of his friends Rob Hopek (BurningChrome) who was also into re-writing the WWIV software to make it more aesthetically appealing. 

Moving on to RavenNuke another amazing CMS that evolved from a Nuke Fork. I can't say enough nice things about Raven and obviously, a big portion of the code in our framework and all the nuke frameworks came from or in some way was from Raven and many of the folks in the Raven communities. His site has 23,651 subscribed users. Our hat is off to you Raven and we all would like to thank you for your contributions to our framework and many others. We would not have made it into the CodersExchange hall of fame without you.

We will have to make some serious changes to a few modules as the years have passed us by, but we are ready to give it another go!

I know I left some people out and I am sure I will mention them in future posts.

If you have at any time made contributions to the nuke communities drop me a few lines and I will write about it here on the PHP-Nuke Platinum CodersExchange!


Karl Childers

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Karl Childers
  email: Administrator[at]

( Likes & comments? ) ( Open-Source | PHP-Nuke Platinum Site Updates | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 277 )
Nuke Amazon Module Update
Posted by KarlChilders Mon Mar 06, 2023 9:48 pm

Original Author Name: Edgardo J. Diaz
Original Author Email: amazon (at) preciogasolina (dot) com (no spam)
Original Home Page:
License: GNU/GPL
Original Download Location:
Module Version: v2.7.2

We have no idea where Edgardo is now or why he did not keep his website. We only know that we are not surprised as we have watched many folks bail and abandon the Nuke communities.

So obviously this e-mail is no good and the website is gone as well...

Module Description:

Nuke Amazon was a complete package for Amazon Affiliate members to advertise products sold by Amazon in their PHP-Nuke Web sites. This software used the Amazon Web Services version 3.0 using XML-based protocols to integrate features and content into your PHP-Nuke site. This Module was ported to work with PHP-Nuke Platinum 7.6.b.2 by Loki from Thank you, Loki...

We have no clue where the hell Loki is. Of course, why would anyone stick around after the horrible shit things that were said about them?

We have nothing against Loki or Edgardo and who knows maybe one day they will come back and be part of the network and our projects.

Ernest Buffington aka TheGhost has ported this to PHP 8.2.3 and now all that is needed is to update the main structure so that it works with today's Amazon!

Port Author Name: Ernest Allen Buffington (TheGhost)
Port Author Email:
Port Author Home Page:
License: GNU/GPL
New Download Location:
New Module Version: v2.7.3

If anyone would like to help update this module so that it works with today's amazon standards we welcome you to do so...

Karl Childers

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Karl Childers
  email: Administrator[at]

( Likes & comments? ) ( Modules | PHP-Nuke Platinum Module Updates | Score: 5 ) ( Reads: 289 )
About PHP-Nuke Platinum (US Version)
Posted by KarlChilders Thu Jan 26, 2023 8:26 pm

The US version of PHP-Nuke Platinum CMS is an open-source highly modified Fork of PHP-Nuke written in PHP as a programming language and development was first started in 2004. The software comes with a set of basic features like a WYSIWYG editor, an admin interface with drag-and-drop blocks, spam protection, and image processing. PHP-Nuke Platinum CMS comes with the ability to use various modules that will extend the current functionality of your portal/website. The latest version available for download is 7.6.5 and is still in beta.

NOTE: Your admin and user accounts have already been logged in for you so please visit this link to get started.

You can edit or remove this blog message by going into the Blog Admin Panel located in the Admin area, or by looking below you can edit by clicking the pencil or the x to delete this blog message.


Karl Childers

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Karl Childers
  email: Administrator[at]

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